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22 september, 2021


Superettan is the second division of Swedish football. Superettan has been played since 2000. From 1928 to 1986, the second highest series was called Division 2. The series then consisted of four groups divided by the team’s geographical location. 1987 through 1999 it went under the name Division 1 with a northern and southern group.

Superettan contains 16 teams. Everybody plays eachother home and away. After match day 30 the winners and the runners up advance directly to Allsvenskan. The two teams at the bottom are relegated to Division 1 – Ettan. The third places team gets the opportunity to qualify for Allsvenskan through a playoff against the team that finishes third from the bottom of Allsvenskan. Team three and four from the bottom of Superettan plays the runners up from Division 1 (North and South) for a place in next year´s Superettan.

The winners of each Division 1 series are promoted to Superettan.

Superettan.se is the official webpage of Superettan.

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