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25 maj, 2024

Groundbreaking Fantasy initiative by OBOS Damallsvenskan– First in Europe to launch an official women’s football league fantasy game

On May 28th, Elitfotboll Dam (EFD) will become the first official league organization in Europe to launch a fantasy football game specifically for women’s football. This initiative aligns with the ongoing development aimed to engaging and making the sport more accessible.

“This launch is not only a milestone for Swedish women’s football but also a clear sign of our clubs’ commitment to innovation and equality,” says Anders Billström, chairman of Elitfotboll Dam.

OBOS Damallsvenskan Fantasy will allow football enthusiasts to create their own teams based on the real performances of players in the OBOS Damallsvenskan. The game will enhance knowledge about the players while increasing visibility for the league and its partners. This opens new doors for all football enthusiasts to interact with OBOS Damallsvenskan in a novel way.

“This is a strategic effort both to attract new followers to our league and to give existing supporters the opportunity to follow their team and favorite players on a single platform. From May 28th, everyone can select their dream team and discover new players in OBOS Damallsvenskan,” says Siri Frimodig, marketing manager of Elitfotboll Dam.

“By visualizing data from the league, we enhance the ability to follow and engage in the league, a much-requested development.”
OBOS Damallsvenskan is Sweden’s premier division in women’s football, a league long known for nurturing young talents alongside national stars from around the world.

The game provider is ISM, which also delivers fantasy games for the Allsvenskan and the Premier League. For more details on how OBOS Damallsvenskan Fantasy works, visit www.fantasy.obosdamallsvenskan.se. Starting May 28th, users can register and create their own team. The first round of OBOS Damallsvenskan Fantasy kicks off on June 6th.

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