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22 september, 2021

Allsvenskan Fantasy

Who knows Allsvenskan the best? Challenge your friends in Allsvenskan Fantasy and get the chance to win both the honor and great prizes – every round.

Each competitor of Allsvenskan Fantasy chooses a squad consisting of 15 players and earn points based on how the players perform on the pitch. In addition to prove yourself to Swedish football you have the opportunity to set up private leagues and settle with your friends and colleagues about who really has the best Allsvenskan knowledge.

The participations is free of cost, and each round you have the chance to win prizes from our clubs and partners.

The game is built by the company ISM ltd and uses the same platform as in the English Premier League and Norwegian Eliteserien. The statistics that form the basis of the game are taken from Opta Sports.

Register on fantasy.allsvenskan.se or through the mobile app Allsvenskan Live

For questions contact fantasy@allsvenskan.se 

Follow Allsvenskan Fantasy on Twitter.

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