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22 september, 2021

Swedish Futsal League

In the autumn of 2017, members of Swedish Professional Football Leagues decided on a collaboration with the Swedish Futsal League (SFL). The futsal clubs gathered in Jönköping for a meeting where a historic decision was made. ”Swedish Futsal League and Swedish Professional Football Leagues (SEF) shall actively and jointly work together to develop the Swedish Futsal League”.

Since then, SFL has changed. The league has been played since 2018/2019 as a single league instead of two divisions. SFL has got their own website, their own partners and Discovery broadcasts live matches on TV every season. All clubs in the league have also received relevant training on match arrangements and safety as well as anti-match fixing by representatives from Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

The official webpage of Swedish Futsal League is called svenskafutsalligan.se

Swedish Futsal League 2021/2022
The 2021/2022 season of the Swedish Futsal League (SFL) is played with twelve teams in a series where everyone meets everyone at home and away. After that, a playoff takes over and the Swedish champion is crowned after a grand final.

The playoffs were removed ahead of the 2018/2019 season, but the clubs wanted to reintroduce the playoffs after only one year. The SFL-quarterfinals and semifinals are decided in double meetings, while the final is played in a single meeting where the highest ranked team after the league game plays at home.

Teams 1-8 in SFL 2021/2022 qualify for the quarter finals. The final winner 2022 will be the Swedish champion and will represent Sweden in the UEFA Futsal Champions League. Teams 11-12 in SFL are relegated.

The current champions are Hammarby IF.

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