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16 september, 2021

Media information

This page contains information concerning press materials and media requests.

Press matters
Mats Enquist, Secretary General or Simon Åström, Chair, should always be contacted for official statements and comments from the Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

For other questions or for general information, please contact the Swedish Professional Football Leagues’ Office: info@svenskelitfotboll.se or 0046 (0) 8 734 92 00.

Contact details for the staff of the Swedish Professional Football Leagues can be found here.

For further questions please contat Robert Johansson head of communication.

Guidelines for our media services
We will always strive to have good cooperation and good relations with various representatives of the media. Our interaction is characterised by openness and accessibility to the greatest possible extent.

According to the regulations related to event organisation, all clubs in Allsvenskan and Superettan should have a designated media manager. More information about the role and the scope of the Media Manager can be found in our Manuals for Media & Communication, which are distributed to the clubs before the start of each season.

Press releases and newsletters
If you are a journalist wanting to receive the press releases from the Swedish Professional Football Leagues in your mailbox, then please send an email to info@svenskelitfotboll.se with your contact details.

If you want to subscribe to our newsletter, kindly click here.

Club logos and press photos

Kindly note that you need to received formal approval from the club(s) or the Swedish Professional Football Leagues before any logos of the club in question are being used. If you are unsure whether you have the right to use the logos, please contact the Swedish Professional Football Leagues at info@svenskelitfotboll.se, before downloading these.

Download the Allsvenskan club logos (zip file).

Download the Superettan club logos (zip file).

Download the logos of Allsvenskan and the Swedish Professional Football Leagues.

Download photo of Mats Enquist, CEO of Swedish Professional Football Leagues

Are you searching for other photos please contact info@svenskelitfotboll.se

Official channels

Svenskelitfotboll.se – official webpage of Swedish Professional Football Leagues

Allsvenskan.se  – official webpage of Allsvenskan

Superettan.se – official webpage of Superettan

Unicoach.se – official webpage of Unicoach

Svenskafutsalligan.se – official webpage of Svenska Futsalligan

eallsvenskan.gg – official webpage of eAllsvenskan

allsvenskan.se/fantasy – official webpage of Allsvenskan Fantasy

facebook.com/Svenskelitfotboll – official Facebook for Swedish Professional Football Leagues

facebook.com/Allsvenskan – official Facebook for Allsvenskan

facebook.com/Superettan – official Facebook for Superettan

facebook.com/Unicoach.se – official Facebook for Unicoach

facebook.com/svenskafutsalligan.se – official Facebook for Svenska Futsalligan

facebook.com/eallsvenskan – official Facebook for eAllsvenskan

facebook.com/Allsvenskan Fantasy – official Facebook for Allsvenskan Fantasy

Allsvenskans App – official mobile app for Allsvenskan

Superettans App – official mobile app for Superettan

@SEF_Elitfotboll – official twitter account for Swedish Professional Football Leagues

@AllsvenskanSE – official twitter account for Allsvenskan

@SuperettanSE – official twitter account for Superettan

@Unicoach_se – official twitter account for Unicoach

@sflse – official twitter account for Svenska Futsalligan

@eAllsvenskan – official twitter account for eAllsvenskan

@AllsvFantasy – official twitter account for Allsvenskan Fantasy

@SEF_elitfotboll – official Instagram account for Swedish Professional Football Leagues

@Allsvenskan_officiell – official Instagram account for Allsvenskan

@SuperettanSE – official Instagram account for Superettan

@Unicoach.se – official Instagram account for Unicoach

@sflse – official Instagram account for Svenska Futsalligan

@eAllsvenskan – official Instagram account for eAllsvenskan

@allsvenskanfantasy – official Instagram account forAllsvenskan Fantasy

Svensk Elitfotboll – official LinkedIn account for Swedish Professional Football Leagues

Allsvenskan – official TikTok account for Allsvenskan

Superettan – official TikTok account for Superettan

Media guidelines

Swedish Professional Football Leagues has an information policy that contains basic principles, general guidelines and division of responsibilities for internal and external information.

Swedish Professional Football Leagues aims to raise the image of Allsvenskan and Superettan and highlight the good initiatives that our member clubs makes. Swedish Professional Football Leagues will also create opinion and highlight the work that is carried out in the office in Solna and out in the clubs. Swedish Professional Football Leagues is a part of society, takes responsibility for society and contributes to society. Everyone is welcome.

With regard to social media, Swedish Professional Football Leagues (SEF) has developed special guidelines. The guidelines for social media apply to everyone who works within SEF.

Social media does not replace the official websites of Swedish Professional Football Leagues; efdproduction.wpengine.com, www.allsvenskan.se, www.superettan.se, www.unicoach.se, www.svenskafutsalligan.se and eallsvenskan.gg but are a complement to information dissemination and the opportunity to network with our followers and readers.

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