Mer än 90 minuter


22 september, 2021


Allsvenskan is since 1924 the premier league of Sweden. Previously, from 1896 onwards, the Swedish championship was decided throughout a knockout series.

Allsvenskan includes 16 teams. Everybody faces each other home and away and the table leader after match day 30 becomes Swedish champion. From the beginning Allsvenskan was played autumn / spring, but in 1959 they changed to the current spring / autumn.

Between 1982 and 1990, the Swedish championship was decided with a playoff after the end of the Allsvenskan. During theese years, Allsvenskan was played with ten teams, where the top six got to play a championship series. From 1993, Allsvenskan returned to be played in the previous order, with 14 teams in a series of home and away meetings. The expansion to 16 teams took place just ahead of the 2008 season.

Four teams are awarded with medals after each season. Gold for the winners, large silver for the runners up, small silver for the third placed team and bronze for the fourth placed team.

The two teams at the bottom of Allsvenskan are relegated to Superettan. The third team from the bottom plays third place team in Superettan for a place in the next year´s Allsvenskan. The winners and runners up of Superettan are promoted to Allsvenskan.

Every year Swedish Professional Football Leagues arranges a season kick of just ahead of the season start where all the teams and their head coaches and team captains takes part along with sports media.

At the end of the year Allsvenskans Stora Pris is being broadcasted in Swedish television. Allsvenskans Stora Pris awards goes to the best players the best coach and the best teams throughout the season.

The Swedish champions takes part in the UEFA Champions League qualification race. Team two and three in Allsvenskan along with the winners in the Swedish Cup compete in the UEFA Europa Conference League qualification.

Allsvenskan.se is the official webpage of Allsvenskan.

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